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Welcome to Times of Refreshing Wellness Retreat

Experience Total Wellness The Refreshing Way!





Great Room At Times of Refreshing
Great Room At Times of Refreshing
Great Room At Times of Refreshing










Times of Refreshing Wellness Retreat is nestled in the beautiful Appalachian mountains of NorthEast Georgia. We are a ministry of healing offering H.E.L.P. THAT IS...HEALTH, EDUCATION, LOVE AND POWER!

Our goal is to try to assist all of our wellness or fitness guests in our wellness retreats to experience TOTAL WELLNESS THE REFRESHING WAY!

You will be drinking lots of fresh vegetable juices; eating delicious, total vegetarian cuisine; taking our Gold Standard, herbal nutritional supplements; basking in the comfort of hydrotherapy and massage; taking a variety of wellness classes; exercising and enjoying nature at its best; and receiving a host of natural remedies and lifestyle amenities.

Times of Refreshing is a warm and comfortable retreat with hotel-like accommodations staffed by friendly, dedicated, medical missionaries.

At Times of Refreshing, we recognize that God is the only true healer and that diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, lupus and even cancer, just to name a few; are no match for His healing virtue. We are simply God’s instruments, applying and educating people in the use of His superior, natural remedies and life-style.

Although we understand the Bible to be the greatest medical book of all time, our outreach is open to people of all races and religions. It is not important to us whether you go to church or not; or what church, synagogue, temple or mosque you frequent. People come here to prevent disease and to restore health. Sickness is not prejudice! Therefore, true healing must cross all barriers. Thankyou for visiting our site and be sure to read our disclaimer!


Here is a brief summary of our outreach:

  • Our 10 or 17 Day Wellness Retreats are an outreach to those with chronic diseases as well as to those who need prevention. We use juice therapy, herbal therapy, cleansing and detoxification, hydrotherapy and our 10 point REFRESHING WAY LIFE-STYLE which includes a total vegetarian diet, exercise and healthy living. Our methods of healing are in harmony with Biblical principles. Wellness guests need and receive more care and supplements than do fitness guests. The differences are explained on our retreat page.
  • Our Wellness Store is your one stop shop for all our Gold Standard Herbal Tonics and Teas for a wide variety of health issues. Our wellness store also contains educational and inspirational multimedia (books, dvds and cds) for your edification and enjoyment. There are additions supplements and products as well. There is always FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING to the 50 United States and discounted shipping on international orders.
  • Wellness Coaching is for those who want to consult with us. We will have an initial phone conversation, write a program for you to follow and then coach you on that program via phone, text messages, and email according to your needs. Most of the products you need can be purchased in our wellness store.
  • We now offer Certified Training for medical missionaries. Currently, the training is offered in field schools and last 8 days. We will come to your area to conduct the course.
  • Our Seminars and Workshops allow us to bring Times of Refreshing to you, your church, and other groups. We usually start with a lecture or a weekend seminar at your church or other group. Chaplain Shelem Flemons, director of Times of Refreshing and a Doctor of Biblical Wellness TM is the primary presenter. He is usually accompanied by his wife who assists him and may bring a team if needed. Based upon the interest, longer seminars and workshops can be scheduled and include courses that offer certification. We have dynamic presentations on a variety of wellness education topics.
  • We disseminate a wealth of information via our Wellness Blog. We are also on FaceBook and have an e-newsletter.
  • You will find our contact information on the top of every page. Also, our Contact Us page contains an email form to communicate with us directly from our website. You may have noticed that we have a live chat service. You will find our "LIVE CHAT " link on the upper right area of the page. You may also been greeted with a friendly message inviting you to chat. You can communicate with one of our operators that are standing by to serve you! If no operator is available, you will see a "GET HELP" link where you can open a service ticket and leave us a message. We are here to serve you!
  • Finally, you are invited to give a tax deductible donation to Times of Refreshing if you feel led to do so. You can specify where you would like to see your donation go. General donations go to our charity fund and help us offer Times of Refreshing to those who are indigent. You can donate directly on our website by entering your donation amount and clicking the "Make a Donation" button above. Our donation box is on the right side of most of our pages. Alternately, you can send a check or money order to our office at the address near the top of every page. Finally, you can send a direct paypal donation. Mark it as a gift to friends and family instead of for goods or services. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Here is a YouTube Version of the video at the top of the page.